Homeopathic Constitution – Find Yours Online

Homeopathic Constitution – Find Yours Online

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About This Online Survey

  • This on-line survey contains 168 easy to answer questions.
  • Completion time is about 15 – 20 minutes per survey.
  • Completing the survey costs only $29.00 (USD) per survey.
  • There are 15 primary constitutional remedies most commonly used in homeopathic medicine that Classical Homeopaths consider when prescribing homeopathy for both acute and chronic health care conditions.
  • The physical, mental, emotional symptoms that are present along with person’s heath history, as well as their homeopathic constitution, impacts the type of homeopathic remedy prescription that will be most helpful to that  person.
  • The 15 primary homeopathic constitutional types considered and scored in this Homeopathic Constitution Survey are the following:
Arsenicum Argentum Nitricum Calcarea Carbonica
Graphites Ignatia Lachesis
Lycopodium Mercurius Solubilis Natrum Muriaticum
Nux Vomica Phosphorus Pulsatilla
Sepia Silicea Sulphur

Homeopathy is a 200 year old medical system that is designed around the important concept of constitutional types

  • In homeopathic medicine and prescribing, a Classical Homeopath will rely on observing a person’s general biochemical type along with perceiving their personality type, their food likes and dislikes, their general temperament and responses to the environment including weather. 
  • These distinct traits will to help a Homeopath to determine what a person’s innate constitution is.
  • They will then prescribe a homeopathic remedy accordingly, in order to bring them to a higher level of health and wellness.

A person’s constitutional nature is something that they are born with.  It  does not essentially change over time, although layers of disease or illness can be added, but this is the original state of a person.  For example, a fair haired, light skinned and tall person will remain this type throughout their lives, whether or not other illnesses or diseases are added to their life story and timeline. This is why it is often referred to as an “innate” constitutional type by Homeopaths.  

Take Your Homeopathic Constitution Survey Now!

Homeopathic Constitution - Online Survey

Homeopathic Constitution – Online Survey